Did You Know?

Hancock County is home to the world's largest teapot. It was constructed in 1938, is 14 feet in diameter and 14 feet high, and was used to outlet a variety of pottery products made locally. A complete restoration was performed in 1990.

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Emergency Management

Hancock County Office of Emergency Management

John Paul Jones, Director
: 304-564-3311   Ext. 277
Fax: 304-564-4031

Kevin Davis, Deputy Director
: 304-564-3311   Ext. 257

Sharon Ulbright, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 304-564-3311, Ext. 274

Our Purpose
Under the concept of comprehensive emergency management, all county agencies will work together to provide a coordinated, effective response to the survival of citizens of Hancock County and the preservation of their property in the event of a disaster; whether it is natural or man-made.

Important Definitions

Incident - A normal response to a serious life-threatening event

Hazard - A dangerous event of circumstances that may or may not lead to an emergency or a disaster

Emergency - An event that demands crisis response from more than one agency or service and threatens a community or larger area, but is within the county's capabilities to handle

Disaster - Same as an emergency, but beyond the capabilities of the county to handle


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